Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Lesson Plan

After exploring different ways teachers are using blogs, I think my favorite 4 would be a show and tell session of facts learned from a lesson plan, or a diary of feedback on the lesson plan.  I also think it is a great way for teachers to post the lesson plan, step by step, and get feedback from the students on the facts presented.  I think it is a great informational tool for the classmates to learn from each other or seek information about things they are not clear on. 

As a social studies teacher, I would post pictures to a lesson plan, like the area being studied, the people involved in the lesson plan and ask students to comment on facts they have learned from the visual interaction in the lesson plan of study.  I think it would be a great way of interacting and bringing out thought patterns.


  1. Hi, Brenda!

    I'm so happy to see you've started a blog! I will look forward to reading it.

    What a great idea for teachers to blog about lesson plans. At one point in my life, I was preparing to teach high school English and Spanish. Life rearranged things and, ultimately, I switched to nursing and became a Registered Nurse. However, I still think I would have loved teaching!


  2. Hello Diane what a gret positive re-enforcement for you to have seen this so quickly and responded to me too. I am taking a course at the university trying to finish a MAT in Secondary Education and this was a project assignment for this week. in the lesson plan.It looks sorta rough but at least it is a start, I may continue it since it is out there now,I am still learning how to do this but it is a fun way to interact with others. Isn't it funny how life evolves. When I was young my dream was to be a Registered Nurse, but I got married early in life and you couldn't be married and be excepted into nursing school, so that did it for me back in those days. Later in life I started studying sort of as a hobby and it evolved into substituting teaching sometimes,therefore, I had the bright idea of becoming a teacher..., I hope to do it in the future even at an older age as I am now. I love seeing students and their enthusisum for future endeavors and goals or just planting the seed in their minds that their future is important. It is refreshing to keep a young person focused on the right path of life as there dreams may lead them. I know you made a great nurse.., I love reading your blogs they are always so genuine and positive. Thanks for responding to me, it certainly has made my day and this blog venture come to life.