Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visit Grand Canyon Archeological Sites Hidden For Centuries.


  1. ..The students are to view the video..., make comments about what they learned from viewing the video in regards to the history of the Grand Canyon, life, wildlife, and interesting facts and findings associated with the history of the canyon. The students will do research on other areas of interest in the United States that involve discoveries of historic interest. I will give a list of places they are to research;each student will choose the place he/she is interested in from the list. I will assess the student on how well the paper is put together gramatically as well as the accuracy of the research. The students will be given a rubric to follow. The student will transmit his/her information with a youtube link and a draft to my e-mail address:

  2. I believe that by using the Youtube in gathering the data the students are viewing the real time facts about the subject being studied. I think it creates more interest because the student is activitly engaged in gathering and editing the information he/she is to present. I strongly believe as a licensed teacher that it is necessary to stay abreast of technology and implement it into todays classroom, because the students have been exposed to this type technology from early childhood. They would loose interest if the technology could not or would not be used with todays technologically advanced youth.